Friday, January 11, 2008

Time for Tag!

Favorite Month of the year:
Probably August, it sounds the prettiest. Also summer is winding down and the mountain tops become twinged with yellow, orange, and red. It just reminds me of Raspberry Lemonade and Barbeque's.

Favorite Holiday & Why:
Fourth of July, I like that there is no gift giving and it's kind of like a grown ups new years- you still party, but there is better food and you are with your family! Who can forget the fireworks!

Do you like Storms:
Love them, every time there is lightening at night I open up my blinds and just stare out at it, I love the rolling sound thunder makes. I don't love snow storms, that just means some serious car scraping later! This used to make Melissa crazy when we shared a room. She was deathly afraid of them.

Indoors or Outdoors:
Probably indoors, nature is something I appreciate from afar. I do like to go outside in a summer rainstorm. When it's still warm enough not to freeze when you get soaked.

Favorite Season:
I really love end of summer or beginning of fall. The end of summer to me is like The Great Gatsby

People I tag: Melissa Neslen, Brittany, and Mom


aly said...

i never was a fan of 4th of july, but after you just described it, for some reason i am really excited! haha

brandon & brittany said...

yay! you tagged me! i will do it tonight! (i think i still need to post my ny's resolutions!)