Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So for lack of better creative ideas I'm going to copy everybody else and do a list of loves.

!. Arrested Development Reruns- Comic gold, whoever cancelled this show is an idiot.

@. At work tomorrow I'm going to be blissfully alone, which means I can get everything done that I'm behind on with no interruptions! (This means you Kent!)

#. That Melissa posted a million things, so I couldn't be bored by every body's lack of blog.

$. My Ukulele, if only it weren't so blasted hard to tune.

%. CNN using the word Sub-prime over 67 times, really. I realize that it's the word of 2007, but it's 2008 let's move on. I love it when the Media looks weak and unoriginal.

^.I mean, c'mon is there anything better?

&. My new white petal, plum, and vanilla spice oil scents from the Body Shop, they make my room smell so good.

*.Lunch breaks, I don't usually take one but every once in awhile they are desperately needed.

(. My vintage prints calendars, they came in very handy when Nat and I needed some artwork on our walls.

). I can watch episodes on NBC, ABC, or FOX when I'm at work for hours stuffing envelopes.


melissa'n'scott said...

See thankful lists are fun and that is seriously the best picture of jared ever!

Jen said...

So we were hanging out over at your place and you stinker--you were asleep! Ahhhh, I need you in my liiiiiiiiiife.

lyn. said...

3 things:

¢. Todd has a gadget that practically tunes his uke for him. I can get more info if you like, or you can text him and find out...

§. You just have to love Jared, no matter what he is doing...

¡. Loved you numbering system... :-D

aly said...

that is a good list!

Jessie said...

I also agree that whoever canceled AD is an idiot. I love love love that show.

brandon & brittany said...

I've never seen Arrested Development. :S