Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 3


1. The richest person I know in Ecuador pays $170 dollars in rent for an apartment bigger than mine at home, and I payed $300 and had to share it with 3 other people.
2. The only hot water is in the shower. Not in the faucets.
3. If any of you send me money don´t send anything bigger than a $20 dollar bill. That is hard enough to break. They didn´t believe my hundred dollar bill was real. Fives and Tens would be much appreciated.
4. I´m the best piano player in the Ward. Scary thought.
5. The cheese is super nasty. It´s soft, tangy, and that´s pretty much the only kind they´ve got. You can find swiss but it´s super expensive.
6.They use military time. That one is odd.
7.La Liga lost to Manchester United 1-0. Ecuador is still number 2 in the world!
8.For lunch I had a sandwhich, fresh pineapple juice, and a bowl of fresh fruit for $2.70. It was soooo good.

Well not a whole lot happened this week, I´ve been a little sick with the flu, no biggie. Not a parasite just a little asprin needed! I didn´t even throw up. Just a little achy and had a small fever. All of our appointments are falling through because it is right before Christmas. Monica didn´t end up getting baptized this week. She missed her mission president interview. So we are shooting for next week. December is a hard mission month because nobody wants to meet with us. Or we get stood up. We had one day when every appointment stood us up. We did a whole lot of walking that day. Boring!

I did have to play piano for sacrament meeting yesterday. That was horrible, they can´t read music so half notes became quarter notes and I had to play to keep up. They just sing it how they want to. Good news is that the piano kept them on tune more often. I hope this isn´t a weekly occurence. I think I picked the easiest hymns in the book, Silent Night, Come Follow Me, and Green Hill Far Away. Nice and simple.

We did get a new investigator who is pretty promising. Her name is Elena and one of her kids is already a member. She also completes all the committments we give her and always has a ton of questions for us. A very good sign. She also doesn´t try to feed us when we go over there, which is fabulous because everybody tries to feed us. The food is seriously nasty. I think I´m going to come home loving herbal tea. EWW. I also be able to make juice though and the juice is really good here. They have amazing fruit.

I also ate fish. I know, it´s a miracle. I actually liked it better than the chicken. Fish is a lot better down here, not so fishy. The bad news is that I had to eat it off the bone. They don´t de-bone the fish here. That was a little nasty. My pickyness will also probably disappear by the time I come home.

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