Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm in Ecuador!

Family! I got into Ecuador last night about 11:19pm, so about 9:19pm your time. It was pouring! You should see it here it is so beautiful, it is a lot like Bermuda only not quite as tropical. I also gave somebody a Book of Mormon we met at the airport. It was pretty awesome! My spanish seemed okay and she spoke English so when I was completely unintelligible she could understand me still! We were loaded off the plane outside and when we entered the Airport we looked up and saw our Mission President and his wife and a couple of Elders! It was all very cool! Customs didn't even check our bags, so we got through pretty quickly!

We dropped off the Elders (don't know what I'll do with out my Elders!) at their apartment. It did look a little third world...but clean. I stayed at the Mission President's apartment with his family. It looks nothing like the Elders apartment. They live in the same building as the Vice President of Ecuador. I'll send you some pictures soon! My room has a massive window about 20X7 and it opens like a screen door. This morning I opened it and took a ton of pictures! So pretty. It's chilly here but nothing like Utah! I love the humidity, I don't know why people dislike it!

My mission Presdent seems very nice as does his wife. He told me a little about the Mission (btw-haven't met my companion yet!) It sounds like he is very aware of the Sisters mom, so don't worry. I'm convinced I won't be going to all those scary places I wanted to go...sad. But you should be happy. The good news is that I may still get to the Amazons!!! President Sloan let us sleep in, but I was too excited and got up at 6:00, or 4:00am your time! The toilets do in fact flush the opposite way. Weird.

I really don't know very much yet, we haven't even had an official meeting. We have one in about 20 minutes. I just wanted you to know that I made it saftely and I love it. It's pretty amazing that I am finally here!

It was a long ride and they asked us to not watch in flight movies, which was particularly hard because they had those personal screens where you can choose! They had The Dark Knight! I obstained and played a trivia game for about 4 hours of the flight! I now had the high record on the plane until Elder Cloud finally beat me! Anyway, this is not interesting in the least, I'm sure, so I'll let you go now! I miss you and love you all!

Be happy, I'm happy,

Hermana Whitney Tanner


Loquacious Leslie said...

you can tell how happy she is by all the exclamation points!

aly said...

i loved the ending: "be happy, i'm happy"

in fact i loved it so much, it made me wish i could leave and write people...

i am so happy that she is so happy- you can already see how much she has grown!- i can't even imagine what she will be like when she gets back. :)

Jacquie Snyder said...

Hey! I stumbled upon your blog looking up pictures and stuff of Ecuador, I can't believe the odds - Elder Cloud is my boyfriend... figures he'd beat you, never play monopoly with him ;) it just makes you depressed. Sorry if this is random it just was too cool I couldn't help myself.