Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why Lake Powell Rocks

1. I'll be there this weekend.
2. Our really great new Wave Runners.

3. Wakeboarding, Tubing, and the diving board.
4. On the 4th of July they do fireworks over the harbor, which make the stadium of fire look like a joke.

5. Whenever you get hot you jump in the water.
6. I always beat everyone at the who can jump off the highest cliff contest.
7. Um, tan.
8. I can finish a couple of books finally!

9. Campfires and playing cards.
10. It's Lake Powell.


lyn. said...

Don't forget to have fun...

Loquacious Leslie said...

race you to the water!

brandon & brittany said...

sounds fun! take care of my family for me k?

Lacey said...

Ooo, what fun, what fun. I was there last year for the 4th. The fireworks were kinda disappointing, but it's Lake Powell, so nothing can be better.

aly said...

IT WAS AMAZING!!! oh i miss it already-- i froze in my bed last night- i want the heat again, and to sleep under the beautiful stars!

The Mr. and the Mrs. said...