Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday night lights!


Although this is totally embarrassing! I thought I would post some pictures of my call opening celebration! Forgive the hair, it's in that awkward growing out stage! As you can see we took quite a few and these are just my camera! It's really weird standing in front of people with the flashbulbs going off like crazy!

I was a little shocked, I think a total of 3 people had guessed a South or Central American country! As a female missionary it was far more likely that I would be serving a Temple mission, I really wanted to go out and get down and dirty! Teach, tract, the works! So the looks on my face are complete shock, awe, and utter excitement!

Just some of the people who came to support me! Thanks again everybody!

My Parents!

Jen and Cameron- Some of the best friends ever!

Melissa and her husband Scott.

My brothers and future Missionaries! I know: YIKES!

My sisters and mom!

The Williams!

Good family friends!

Don't you love my blue nail polish? Tres chic, whoops- I mean muy bueno!


aly said...

it was so much fun watching you open your letter! and you look fantastic-- in fact we even discussed how great of style you had the other day! you are going to be the best dressed missionary ever! of course i know that isn't what matters, but it's got to help right?!

Loquacious Leslie said...

Looking at the pictures made it seem we were reliving that great moment all over again! I think I will look at it over and over again as it will always be a highlight in our lives!!

Elizabeth said...

Ah dang, i wish i could've been there. that's so cool. and p.s. i love the hair.

Lacey said...

Congratulations Whitney. This is so exciting. I am happy you got your wish. You are going to be a great missionary.

Allison K. O'Connor said...

Congrats on your mission call! So exciting!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations to you whitney!!!! You will be the best missionary! Weird to hear that you are leaving in october... that means that my baby will soon be here! CRAZY!

Amber and Che said...

Hey Whitney Congrats on the call! That is so exciting you will be great!

Heather Davis said...

whitney--this is heather davis. i have found your blog. Congratulations! That is very exciting and you look very cute. Wow--ecuador will be such an adventure!