Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 64

NO I´M NOT DEAD!!! The 2 mormon missionary deaths were reported incorrectly and I´m alive and well!

Mis Queridos-

I hope this letter finds everybody well! I´m doing great as per usual, I think the last months are definitely the best ones, that could be because I finally have a grasp on what I´m doing here! Mostly because I can speak spanish and I can get done what needs to be done.

We made some really great contacts this week that I´m sure are great baptismal candidates. The family Mesias-Muñoz is a great family, Maria, Johana, Fernanda, Jessica, and Eduardo. Maria is the mom and the rest are her kids, her spouse lives in Spain. They have asked us to come everyday and have already prayed to know if José Smith was a prophet of God. They all recieved an answer in the affirmative (except for Eduardo because he wasn´t in our first lessons be he has that homework now). It´s not a very common thing that investigators want us to come everyday and in one week have answers to their prayers. We are excited to say the least, they really are amazing and seem to really love everything that we have taught about the gospel thus far.

We are also teaching Wilmer and Yadira, they both came to church last week and this week Yadira came with us to Santo Domingo for Stake Conference (Wilmer couldn´t attend because he had to work), it´s about an hour in bus so you can imagine the sacrifice. I think a counsler of the mission freaked her out a bit when he asked her if she had a baptismal date...hopefully no, because pretty soon we are going to challenge her to baptism. She and Wilmer and so willing and eager to learn. They are married which is a huge relief and have the cutest little girl I have ever seen. Emele Michel was a bit hard to keep quiet but so cute!

Anyway, I´m still learning so much and can´t believe that my time is running down so quickly. I´m not even close to being ready to go as much as I miss everybody.

By the way...I´ve been really bad about birthday wishes:

Happy Birthday to Rachel W., Alyssa C., Phylis R., Christa B., Aunt Jeannie! I love you all so much and didn´t forget!!!


Loquacious Leslie said...

we want pictures!!!!!!!!We need pictures!!!

Aly said...

I am very glad you are not dead. and thanks for the birthday wish! I know i have been the worst at letters... probably the worst! I kept meaning to send a package, but if i do it now it will get there too late.. so when you return i'll have one waiting :) hope your birthday was good too little Miss.