Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 63

Mis Queridos-

First thing, the church has finally updated it´s emailing system, it´s gmail...yes! if you still would like to keep in contact with me.

We had a great week and 10 of our investigators came to church this week. We are mostly excited about Wilmer Rizzo and Yadira Andrande. They are married!!! Which means so much more than you can all imagine. They came to church after only one week of knowing us and they really seem to be happy, it is such a rarity. Wilmer only wanted to know if we were allowed to play sports in this religion, he seems up for pretty much anything else. Yadira is a bit tougher, she has been attending a Evangelical church. She seemed to really enjoy it though and we will definitely be focusing in them this week!

Jorgeluis Chica is another new investigator, he told me pretty clearly that he only wants to learn more about the Word of God and he´s not interested in getting baptized. I think he will come around though. He had an accident a few months back and has about 6 nails in his leg, he can´t bend his knee at all. He is at home all day long and has all the time in the world to listen to us. He´s a good kid and he seems to really want to change his life (did I mention that he was drunk when he messed up his leg?).

Gabriela Loor is still coming to church every week but still isn´t married and so cannot be baptized. She is pretty intense, I think Juan would come around if she would calm down a little bit...jiji.

My companion and I are doing really well and busy looking for new investigators. Thank you for your prayers and letters!

Hermana Whitney Tanner

Ps. I´ve noticed that nobody comments unless I have pictures...not cool people.

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