Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 8

I attempted to Bowl. I think I ended with a score of 40, I know your jealous!

Elders Montgomery (my D.L.), Gonzalez, and unfortunately I don´t remember the Last ones name!

Elder Green was trying to hide because he lost to a gimp! I think he ended somewhere in the twenties.

So Stylish, can´t stand it.


1.Not many people have waffle irons, if they do they use them for sandwiches.
2. They collect figurines, if you give somebody one they will probably treasure it forever.
3. They play Ecua-ball. It´s their own version of volleyball. They play with a soccer ball and honestly it´s kinda wussy.
4. They strongly believe in public urination. EVEN THE WOMEN. Awkward.
5.They don´t know how to hold babies, you wouldn´t believe the amount of times I´ve seen them get dropped.
6. Chickens walk through people´s houses, even in the second largest city in Ecuador.
7. Almost nobody has kitchen cabinets, they have shelves. The majority of people also don´t have ovens. If they do, they´ve no idea how to use it. The Bishop put his wet jacket into the one at church to dry...
8. A lot of people don´t actually have addresses, I think that´s why they paint their houses such bright colors.
9. You can´t buy cocoa that doesn´t already have sugar in it. Flour also comes with baking powder already mixed in. Makes it really hard to convert recipies.
10. Everybody hangs pictures right below the celling, granted they don´t have tall cellings but they aren´t a tall people either. You sure have to crane your neck a lot!

The rain is definitely hitting! It makes it hard because I´m already a bit of a clutz! What can you do though? My ankle is okay, we are starting to be able to work again, which is really nice because I was going out of my mind!

I just hate Obama, being in Ecuador with a broken ankle is better than having to see what good old Obama is doing to my country. The President here is making some pretty radical changes. Everything imported will now be seriously and heavily taxed. He doesn´t want any outside anything. The problem with that is that Ecuador doesn´t make anything. Nada, zip, zilch. I have no idea how they are going to keep everybody happy here. They are already complaining about how much the cost of food has gone up here. It is actually pretty noticible, especially on imports! Ecuador has never been very stable in the Political arena though.

I´ll talk to you again soon! Chow! Love you all!

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Loquacious Leslie said...

Looks like fun. Are you sure you are working out there. Almost every picture is I have seen is in a mall or bowling alley; except the hospital ;).