Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Call Me Hermana Hop Along

Just remember that the H is silent in Spanish, but it still has a really nice ring to it don´t you think?

In case you haven´t heard, I had a little disagreement with some stairs yesterday and the stairs won, my ankle is broken! Stupid stairs. My companion reminded me that this was my 5th fall in Ecuador, seems my balance issues are going to be a problem here. Blast.

This is me at CCI (mall) with my Zone Leader Elder Cedeño. The Elders seemed to really enjoy my crutches. Unfortunately they are far more skilled with them than I.

My at the Clinica Pinchicha, one of the nicer hospitals in Quito. I think my being white made the process go quite a bit faster!

Pre-cast, it swelled up like that instantly, totally wicked.

Me and my big fat cast, I think I get the real thing next week...this is just a soft cast that is open on top.


Jen said...

Ah your ankle is HUGE! How long are you in a cast for?

Oh, and the word verification is "gerbansh". Let's make a word.

Loquacious Leslie said...

Ouch!!! I'll bet if you were in heels that wouldn't have happened. We have had so much snow here, that who knows how many times you would have slipped on the ice here. You'll have to take another picture when the bruising starts in-for a totally 'sic' picture and bragging rights. Be careful out there!!!!

brittany said...

Ouch Whit! You are a trooper! Hope you are feeling better!

lyn. said...

Wicked is putting mildly, but what impresses me even more is the SMILE...:-D

aly said...

wow is all i have to say! and boy does that look painful! hope you are doing ok! it makes me feel better that you are still smiling... :)