Thursday, October 18, 2007

Name: whitney
Line of work: wanderer/student

Favorite coffee table book? i love my frank lloyd wright book, but i also have this massive table book that outlines major events in modern history.

Best store to spend your dough? nordstrom (affectionately: Nordy's).

Local shops you love? dear lizzie, soel, the flower basket.

Local eats you love? las tarascas, the italian place.

Best household gadget? i'm a big fan of comet, it cleans anything anywhere. Especially when you've got messy roommates!

Favorite beauty products? kiehl's coriander body lotion, smashbox lip liner, lancome mascara, MAC eyeshadow palette's, smashbox low lights.

Playing on your ipod? right now I love flyleaf, dashboard confessional, jimmy eat world, snow patrol, and feist.

Favorite dish to bring to a party? my chocolate cake with cream cheese filling. It's delicious.

A must in your handbag? ficcare hair clip (since my hair has a mind of its own so often!), lancome juicy tube in bolole, tweezerman, hobo international lauren wallet, sunglasses.

Your favorite thing to collect? matchbooks. watches. jewellery. wallet's. glasses.

Your favorite thing to snapshot? sweet jared. i have a fascination with mount timpanogos too.

A must-see in your town [Utah]? mount timpanogos covered in snow at sunrise, strawberry days/swiss days, spanish fork rodeo.

Your favorite thing to design? handbags, i've sketched about a million.

What kinds of things pull you in? kit kat bars i can't resist them!

Favorite vacation spot? lake powell, bermuda, diamond bar, new york.

Most memorable lesson learned in school?
01. anything you have learned can be unlearned.
02. talk to everyone, you never know what you're going to find out.
03. people aren't that different when they get to college.
04. teachers still take attendance in college, and it counts toward your final grade, don't listen to what they tell you in high school about that!

What calms you? a tidy room, chocolate, starbucks pumpkin spice milk steamer, money in the bank.

What excites you? journals, real letters, friends i don't see often, monetary things.

Inspiring words..."You must do the things you think you cannot do" -"Eleanor Roosevelt

Something you can always count on... construction barrels in summer.

Makes you happy...finally going to sleep at night, jim dale's voice, getting home to find friends/family waiting, hearing from a good friend.


aly said...

so out of all the things that are a must in utah i have only been to swiss days... and i have lived here forever!!! oh and i want to try one of those milk steamers, they sounded good! and you are just so cute! i love your blog!

brandon & brittany said...

i love this post whit, i'm your cuz and i feel i've learned more things about ya!

brandon & brittany said...

the music on your blog always startles me! lol! but i really like it!