Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I've been up too.

I know, stupid, but the strawberries here are just so good, so red, and so juicy!
Hello snakeskin heels.

I've no idea what Amanda is doing in this picture.

My mission trainer!

Garrett and I hanging out in the basement.

I get to see my mom every day!

My cute little brother Jared.

Jared being really weird...

This really isn't a what I've been doing post, but who I've been doing it with!!! It's so much fun to be around family again. As for what I've been doing...what haven't I been doing? BAM, baby!


Kelsey Crowder said...

okay...lets be serious here, look fantastic! What a babe! And I am in LOVE with the snake skin have to tell me where you got them (nordy's??)! And holy crap...Garrett is so big! He's like a man! Whoa! What a cutie! And Jared is cute as always!

Loquacious Leslie said...

We are so happy to have you back! Life is so more fun when you are all together....