Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week 69

I forgot to mention that I have actually been in the mission field for over a year and a half now. CRAZY.

For all of you who keep asking me about the bomb, I´ve never had vichos (parasites) and I don´t think that they give us the bomb here. It´s really not as dirty here as you all is dirty but not that much.

This week has been another week of looking for apartments, and today we finally found one (after 2 that fell through). We move in Monday, just in time for me to pack everything up, unpack and then pack again. Yeah, but I´m excited to have a new house. Away from the crazy landlady that looks through our stuff. She keeps telling everybody that we don´t clean...the zone leaders checked and said it was cleaner than theirs. Yeah...end rant. Oh, how I hate finding her inside of our apartment.

Julio Astudilio and Sandra Cordova are still doing well and have a gazillion questions, mostly because Julio has a friend who works with him on the bus and is a member of one of those scream and shake churches and keeps teaching them crazy stuff. Julio told us not to worry though because he didn´t believe any of it. Julio did have a little set back with the bottle but we set him straight and he was pretty humble about it. Just for the record he did need setting straight because he didn´t come home at night. He definitely knew that he was in trouble, it´s pretty funny to see a grown man hide from 3 twenty-something missionaries.

Fernando Garcia isn´t doing to well, he hasn´t been eating or taking his medication and his daughter, Miriam is pretty worried about him. So are we and I´m not sure that he will be ready to be baptized next weekend. We are praying for him though as is his very numerous family!

Our other investigators are doing well but our program is a little lagging due to our house hunt, now that that has been resolved we can focus on getting everything going again.

I love you all and look forward to seeing you in 11 days!

Hermana Whitney Tanner

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