Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 58

Friends and Family-

I hope you are all doing well back at home! I´m still doing great (I know it´s sounding repetative that I´m always doing so well, but it´s the truth and I can´t deny it) and loving my area.

The best news is that we had two baptisms this weekend. Julio Cedeño and Fabricio Ibarra. It was definitely an interesting baptismal service. Fabricio went first, he really is sort of a clown. I love him though and he is really good for a laugh. He has his girlfriend who is a member of the church and he is pretty obesessed with her, I think she probably is his biggest reason for being baptized, but he was ready. He´s left the font full in the past, I´m just glad he was ready sooner than later.

Phrases of Fabricio:

"Sister Tanner, I´m handsome right, you know I am?"
"I had to get baptized because God gave me so much beauty."
"He chupado la piña, la manzana, la naranja, hasta el banano" I can´t really translate that last one...but if you served here you´ll understand how funny it is.
"When I marry Angeley, I´m going to rent a car and drive all through El Carmen so that everybody can see who I married". He´s only sixteen years old.

The best part of the day was when Julio was baptized. He really was so ready and sooooooo nervous. His friends are still pulling some pretty nasty tricks and are really bothering him. The other day they locked him in the bathroom with a girl to try to tempt him. They all keep calling him "Brother Julio" and mocking him wherever he goes. I really admire his strength. Even his family is giving him grief, his father punched him in the face the day of his baptism. Not exactly a great home life. There are more girls folling him around than ever. I think he is my most tested and tried convert. One thing I´m sure of is that if there is anybody who can overcome all of this, it´s Julio.

After the ordenance was complete Julio dived back in the water! I´m pretty sure he took everything seriously though because he didn´t stop smiling after everything was finished. The next day Julio came to church in not only a white shirt and tie, but dress pants and dress shoes. He is also a worth priesthood holder! I´m so proud of him.

We are still looking for new investigators and have found some, but we are really hoping for some references from the members this week!


Hermana Whitney Tanner

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