Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 36


Ecua-fact: They iron everything. My current companion even irons her interior clothing. Sheets, towels, and everything.

Anyway, here I am back in Ambato. It´s kinda tripping me out! In just 5 weeks everything is so different. We aren´t currently teaching many of my old investigators. Marina in Picaihua (Pick-i-gua). She has a baptismal date and everything. We are a bit worried about it though because she has to ask her husband permission to get baptized. She doesn´t seem very sure that he´s going to give it.

Rosa and Oscar got baptized while I was in Riobamba. It´s kinda tough because I´m the very person who knocked on their door but I missed the most important part. Now they are members and I can´t believe how strong. Sunday Oscar went with us to almost all of our appointments. The difference before and after really is astounding.

We are teaching somebody that I met in Riobamba and is a reference from the Borja family. Marisela and her daughter, Dominica. They are doing really well and really want to get baptized. They have a date for the 5th of September, although they didn´t come to church yesterday. So we will have to see with them. Marisela also has to quit smoking. She only smokes about 2 a day, so it should´t be too difficult.

We are also currently teaching Javier, he also has a baptismal date for the 5th of September. We are going to have to work pretty hard with him to convince him of the law of tithing. He´s a doctor and told us that he likes to donate his money to medical causes. I thought it was a great opportunity to teach him about fast offerings and the Church´s world renown Humanitarian aide projects. He said he is going to do as Malachi said and test the Lord in the law of tithing. What more could I ask?

My new companion is Hermana Ovalle, she is a lot different than any other that I have had. She is a bit backwoods, she comes from a family of 10 children and they are poorer than poor. A few years back they lost everything in a flood in Guatemala. Everything. She is really sweet and really humble. I think I´m going to enjoy her. She needs a little pushing, which doesn´t seem to be my strongest suit (at least in the mission...) but I´ll do what I can. Yes, there are a lot of Guatemaltechos.

I totally forgot to mention that I totally got headbutted by a mountain ram...yeah. My mission is definitely unique, but I suppose they all are. Don´t worry, nothing broken.

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