Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 10

Carnival is coming up! That means a lot of silly string and squirt guns, just like this! Yikes.

Just a note from me!

I adopted this as my personal mission motto after I fell. Remember: "Come What May, and Love It"

Me ready to go to work!


1. Gas prices have been at $1.48 for about 2 years without changing so much as a cent.

2. They have shopping carts for inside and outside, if you use the outside ones a bag boy comes with you and you tip him.

3. There is no tipping at restaurants

4. You eat cereal in yogurt, they even sell personal sized portions.

5. Nobody owns real silver or gold, Sorensen and I always get asked if our earrings are real.

6. Movies cost $1.50 and are all pirated.
7. The only non-fruit soda they have is cola. They have Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Apple, and Lime.

8. They love popcorn and put it in soup, much like we do with crackers.

9. Pineapple is white here, if it is yellow it´s Hawiian Pineapple. They also have a Mora berry, it´s a mix of a blackberry and raspberry. Kinda weird but good.

10. Almost nobody has doorbells, you either bang really loudly on their gate or whistle.

Hey Everybody!
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes from everybody! I had a great mission birthday! I was sung to in 3 different languages including: English, Spanish, and Kichwa! It was all pretty cool. Sorensen and I were able to find an ice cream cake, the very kind I loved as a kid. It was all pretty awesome. Thanks again to everybody!

Things are going really well down here in Quito! Most of all because I´m back on my feet and sans one really bulky uncomfortable cast! We are able to go out and work much more effectively. I said good-bye to my crutches on Saturday, just counting down until I can lose the ace wrap as well.

We had a great service project this week with our Ward. The Bishop wanted us to clean some stairs. Sounds weird I know, but here they are about 13 flights (seriously) and covered in weeds and garbage. Still on crutches at this point I had to hobble to the top, but we had a great time. I even got to use a machete on some of the weeds. That´s a lifelong goal I can cross of my list: I think we can all agree that machete´s are awesome! It was a great service project because we had a lot of curious by-standers. Perfect for Sorensen and I to go and contact later this week! The stairs also look awesome now!

We also have a investigator with a baptizmal date! It´s not until March but Sorensen and I are very excited for Elena Iza! She is a really great person and really has a lot of potential!

Love and miss you all! Chow

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Valerie said...

I know this is a blog for family and friends to follow a missionary's adventures and keep in touch and I'm just a stranger who wandered in here, but I love it. My husband is from Ecuador and I've been there a couple of times. I liked reading the Ecua-facts since they are so true! Thanks for letting me visit. :)