Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A tag that is actually interesting!

I saw this on Lyn Chapman's blog and loved it so here we go!

if you owned a bookstore what would you name it: The Whitspit. Or Skin and Beans.

which literary hero [male or female] would you like to be:
Scarlett O'Hara, I love her attitude- sassy. She's the only girl that caught Rhett's eye! Anne of Green Gables(just like Lyn!) is another option.

if you were given the chance to be born in a different decade which one would you choose:
1910-Back when our Nation was booming and where women only wore dresses.

who would play you in a movie:
Sophia Bush, but that's mostly wishful thinking... Realistically- Queen Latifah

what was your favorite toy of all of time:
it's one of those trays where you put in different plates, and rub a crayon over it and it makes a picture? Anyone know what that is called?

what do you like to collect:
watches. vintage prints. coffee table books

what is your guilty pleasure:
I love to buy DVDs, I get nostalgic and indulge myself too often. I have seasons 1 & 2 of Fraggle Rock and Tailspin. Silly, but if anyone sees Gummi Bears let me know?

if you had the power to change one thing in this world what would that be:
No debt.

what is your most embarrassing moment:
When Gary saw me in my Green Knickers! Mortified.

what is your favorite movie:
this is such a tough question! Anne of Green Gables or Empire of the Sun.

what is your favorite vegetable:
Cauliflower-yum with a little cheddar and peas!

tell 3 things about yourself (2 true, and 1 untrue ) and see if we can figure out which is fantasy:
I never re-read a book. I love both Action/War/Adventure movies(boy movies) and romantic comedies(chick flicks). I broke both of my arms within 3 months of each other.

I tag: Melissa Tanner and Elizabeth Gosney


brandon & brittany said...

Anne of Green Gables! Anne of Green Gables! Here, here!

lyn. said...

Todd has all the Gummi Bears DVDs. He and Ana have been watching them whenever they get a chance. It was one of their favorite shows when they were kids. I'm pretty sure he got them on Amazon...

Elizabeth said...

Those are cool questions to answer. I would live in the 1940s and 50s--just thought you'd like to know that. Are you missing me terribly by now? Or are you over it?

Melissa Jane said...

comment comment comment...:) I am a butt...and I am doing this tag...even though you didn't tag me...

lyn. said...

I forgot to speculate on your fantasy answer...I think it's that you have never re-read a book... let me know what kind of a guesser I am :-)