Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I consider myself tagged.

8. I love watches, I have way to many! I think the count was up to 16.
7. I love to make and decorate sugar cookies- but ughh, rolling out the scraps gets really old fast!
6. I'm a reader, and hope to be a writer. I would love to be published in the New Yorker someday! I'd also like to be a book editor, reading books that may never see the public would be a heady sensation!
5. Although I usually hate Sci-fi, I have a weakness for author Linnea Sinclair(embarassing, I know!)
4. Nordstrom is my biggest weakness!
3. I hate being called Whit. It sounds so masculine, I only let a few of my closest friends call me that. I love my last name so much I wish it were my first name! I don't think I'll be able to give it up if I ever get married.
2.My nails are always painted! Always. I paint them every week usually on a Friday or Saturday.
1. I really like high school kids, I'll probably end up an english teacher. Hopefully, that quirky one that everybody loves and is inspired by!


Melissa Jane said...

pretty sure you put so much more thought into your answers than i did...lame!!

Melissa Jane said...

ummmmmmm your ewww